Proto-Sound 2.0 Conventional Operation Features
-Accessible Through Any Compatible Transformer

  • Authentic Bell & Horn or Whistle Sound Effects
  • Authentic Locomotive Chuffing or Diesel Engine Sound Effects
  • Authentic Locomotive Start Up and Shutdown Effects
  • Conventional Mode Proto-Effects Including Cab Chatter, Passenger Station and Freight Yard Sounds
  • Proto-Coupler Remote Operation
  • Proto-Speed Control Monitoring - A Cruise Control Type System That Maintains A Locomotive or Consits Speed During Grade Changes
  • Proto-Speed control Disable
  • Model Railroadings Highest Dynamic Sound Range - For Higher Highs And Lower Lows
  • Built-In, Self-Recharging Battery Backup System
  • Squeaking Brake Sounds
  • Maintenance Sound Effects
  • Constant Voltage Lighting
  • ProtoSmoke Operation